Caviar Beluga Royal


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Origin: "Beluga sturgeon or HUSO HUSO sturgeon", lives mainly in the Caspian sea. This sturgeon is easily recognized by its exceptionally large size, up to 1200 kg and 7 meters long. This is the noblest of sturgeons, it can live for about 140 years.

Breeding: Semi / Wild from IRAN (Caspian Sea)
Color: gray to dark gray

Pearl: large.

Taste: subtly salty taste, very creamy to butter, oily taste, subtle hazelnut aromas and often an exceptionally rich taste. Melt, in the mouth. (never secondary flavors) lives on chalk and pebble bottom.

Nutritional values

per 100 grams

Energy KJ / kcal/
salt g
Protein g
Carbohydrates g
Sugars g
Fat g
Saturated fat g
Latin name:
Breeding or game:
Catch method:
Catching area:

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