Caviar Tresor


from 30 grams

Origin: Siberian sturgeon or Acipenser Baerii is native to Lake Baikal, near Irkutsk Oblast (Siberia, Russia). Lake Baikal is considered the oldest and largest freshwater lake in the world, about 25 million years old and known for its exceptionally clean waters.

Pearl: These are characterized by their beautiful shine and their gray-brown to black tones. The “Trésor” caviar is mildly salted Malossol.

Taste: This caviar is known for its delicate fresh taste and nutty finish, thanks to its perfectly balanced maturation (aged young).

Nutritional values

per 100 grams

Energy KJ / kcal/
salt g
Protein g
Carbohydrates g
Sugars g
Fat g
Saturated fat g
Latin name:
Breeding or game:
Catch method:
Catching area:

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