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The weever grows to 10 to 18 cm long and has a number of thorny spines on its dorsal fin and can live up to 6 to 12 years.
The Pieterman eats shrimp, fish eggs and small bottom animals.
The weever lives in shallow waters and on sandbanks, where it burrows.
The weever is found in the eastern Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea and the entire Mediterranean Sea. The fish are increasingly common on the Belgian and Dutch North Sea coast, partly due to the warming of the sea water.
The spines in the anterior dorsal fin and on the gill covers contain venom glands, which expand when disturbed. Hikers or swimmers are usually injured by accidentally stepping on a buried fish. Anyone who is punctured by a weever will feel intense, burning pain around the sting site that can spread to legs or arms and last for weeks without treatment. Swelling and inflammation may also develop. Symptoms may include headache, palpitations, high fever, dizziness and vomiting. Victims of the weever are best treated as soon as possible. The best remedy is to immerse the wound in water as hot as possible for at least 15 minutes (of course without causing burns), because at temperatures above 40 degrees the poison is quickly broken down.

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