Fried plaice


circa 300 gram per stuk. per 100 gram € 1,65

The plaice (Pleuronectes platessa) (usually called plaice in Flanders) is a flat diamond-shaped fish that, together with the flounder and dab, is considered to be one of the plaice, which in turn are part of the flatfish.
The skin of the plaice is green-brown on the right side and has orange dots. The eyes of the plaice are on the right. On the left (the blind side) the plaice is white.
It mainly feeds on mollusks and worms. The young plaice swims upright after birth. After about 6 weeks, the plaice undergoes a metamorphosis, with one eye growing to the other and developing into flatfish. The adult plaice swims in a wavy motion. Especially the long dorsal fin and anal fin provide the locomotion.
The plaice is common in the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the western part of the Mediterranean Sea. The fish mainly lives on the bottom of the sea and not far from the coast.

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