Combined fish dish


per stuk gewicht ± 2 kilo

size: 30 x 45 cm

The fish dishes we show are examples! we make something different every time, so that no two dishes are the same. we are happy to discuss whether there are allergies.

This example consists of:

Mackerel american, salmon salad, crab salad, tuna salad, tuna plain salad, smoked salmon, hot smoked salmon, smoked eel, steamed mackerel fillet, crabsticks, fiesta mackerel, Dutch shrimps and Norwegian jumbo shrimps.

Nutritional values

per 100 grams

Energy KJ / kcal/
salt g
Protein g
Carbohydrates g
Sugars g
Fat g
Saturated fat g
Latin name:
Breeding or game:
Catch method:
Catching area:

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