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The whiting (Merlangius merlangus) is a ray-finned fish of the cod family (Gadidae), which occurs in the northeastern Aylantic Ocean from the Barentz Sea and Iceland to Portugal, including the North Sea, Black Sea and parts of the Mediterranean. Sea.
The whiting averages 24 cm and can grow up to 70 cm long and weigh 3.1 kg. The highest recorded age is 20 years. The back is teal and the flanks of the fish are silver colored. There is a small black spot at the beginning of the pectoral fin.
The whiting is a saltwater fish that occurs in a temperate climate. The species is mainly found in seas, soft-flowing waters and rocky waters. The depth at which the species occurs is usually 30 to 100 m below the water surface.
The whiting feeds on muddy, sandy or gravelly sea beds. The fish's diet consists of shrimp, crabs, mussels, other molluscs, bristle worms, squids and fish.

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