Sea bass


€ 1.75 per 100 grams. the fish weighs about 500 grams.

The sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) is a ray-finned fish and belongs to the order of perch-like species (Perciformes). The adult fish is on average 50 cm, but can reach a length of 103 cm and a weight of 12 kg. The highest recorded age is 15 years. The sea bass has two dorsal fins with 8-9 sturdy spines in the first fin and one spine in the second fin. The anal fin has three spines.
The sea bass occurs in both fresh and salt water. Juvenile fish often enter estuaries where the fish can be seen in brackish water. The fish prefers a subtropical climate and lives mainly in the Atlantic Ocean, but also in the Mediterranean Sea. The depth distribution is 0.5 to 100 m below the water surface. Sea bass is less common along the coasts of the Low Countries, but both adult and juvenile fish are regularly observed in schools in the Maasvlakte, Scheldemonding and the Oosterschelde.
Sea bass is also cultivated in several Mediterranean countries.

Nutritional values

per 100 grams

Energy KJ / kcal/
salt g
Protein g
Carbohydrates g
Sugars g
Fat g
Saturated fat g
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