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The sunfish (Zeus faber) The fish has many nicknames such as St. Peter's fish, sea cock and mirror fish. In English, the fish is called John Dory, with Dory possibly referring to the French word Doré (from gold). The sunfish as an adult is between 29 and 35 cm, but can grow to 90 cm, with a maximum weight of 8 kg.
It is a striking fish with a large head and protruding beak and with long threads on the first spines of the dorsal fin (9 to 11) and 3 to 4 spines in the anal fin. The fish is dark yellow to brown with an irregular pattern of yellow spots, containing one distinct black spot, with a yellow border on both flanks. The sunfish is found in coastal waters from the eastern Atlantic Ocean from Norway to South Africa, further into the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, and the western Pacific. They prefer a depth between 50 and 150 m (range 5 - 400 m).
The sunfish is a predatory fish that feeds on herring, gobies, sandeel, horse mackerel and fur, but also crustaceans and squid.

Nutritional values

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